Committing to the Vegan Diet

Things to Consider Before Committing to the Vegan Diet

With many celebrities and even an ex president committing themselves to the vegan diet, and also exhibiting some impressive results many people are wondering if they could also gain such health benefits by jumping on the bandwagon.

The first thing to know is that being a vegan is an arduous life of self-denial for breakfast and pea soups for dessert, are you still here? Excellent, as an avid vegan myself, I try to paint the picture as black as possible because affecting the diet our bodies have been accustomed too for the last million years without the proper precautions can cause even worse health debacles.

Having said that there are many benefits to be had from adopting the vegan diet including plenty of energy to work think and play, protection from many diseases and even the ability to reverse heart disease.

So without much more introduction, here are a few things to be fully aware of as you make this essential health transition that can lead to a longer life and fewer health disruptions along the way.

You May Need to Consider Supplements

As you leave of animal products you will need to consider how you will supplement certain vitamins and minerals that your body depends on. For this reason the switch should be made slowly and gradually. By learning to interface with your body you will become more aware of what your body needs regularly and be able to provide this nutrition.

Following are some of the Vitamins and minerals that you will need to find a suitable supplement for:

Vitamin B12

B12 is prolific in things like juicy steaks, greasy hamburgers and those flavorful organ meats I used to love. B12 works to keep the nervous system in tip top condition and even aids in the production DNA. When you are low on this essential vitamin you may begin to feel drowsy, fatigued and even upset.

B12 is found solely in animal products, although cereals and grains do contain certain amounts, most vegans try to get their nutritional intake in supplement form or through enriched food products.


Iron is also a mineral we obtain in high quantities by eating animal products. Iron is essential for building red blood cells and a severe lack of this essential mineral can lead to many health problem especially anemia.

Vegans are fortunate to have a huge selection iron rich vegetables that they must include their daily diet if they are to achieve better health and not do themselves undue damage. This includes spinach and many other dark leafy veggies, beets, legumes and dried raisins too. Be sure to get copious amounts of this essential vitamin each day.


Proteins are what our bodies use to build strength and stature and you don’t want to be the vegan making the rest of us look bad, do you? Proteins are also essential to repairing injuries and if you are deficient minor scratches and cuts can take weeks to heal completely.

The good thing to know is that the body requires a relatively small amount of protein to function at optimal condition, people that assume you can increase body mass by eating exorbitant amounts of protein are mistaken.

Good sources of protein for the vegan include legumes, seitan and quinoa. Natural soy products are also very high in protein but should be eaten in moderation.

Final Note:

How you make this important adjustment will decide how you are affected by this change in your lifestyle. Many people who lack understanding make the mistake of substituting their nutrients for junk food that is technically “vegan”. This is not only seriously missing the point it can be very hazardous to your health.

Making Vegan Cookies

Making Vegan Cookies

While many people want to become vegan, it can feel like there is a limited number of options in terms of food and the types of foods available. This is what causes so many people to dismiss the notion of being vegan, and to feel like they need to look somewhere else for their food. However, if you know how to bake, cook, and create your own foods, then partaking in a diet free from all animal products is incredibly easy. In fact, it is usually easier that eating animal products as recipes have much more freedom and are much less likely to be problematic if they are made incorrectly.

One of the best ways to introduce someone to being vegan is through sweets, the forbidden food that so many people feel they won’t be able to have if they make the switch. One of the easiest ways to do this is with vegan cookies, simple, delicious, and very healthy cookies. As an added bonus, they can usually be sugar free, leaving your guest in awe of your baking skills, and showing them that life can truly be enjoyed with fewer ingredients.

Remember, you can feel free to experiment around with recipes without fear. If you are using replacements for animal products, you may find that you need to read a few more labels, but generally everything should be much more stable than items like milk, eggs, and fat. This means that dough can be left in the fridge overnight, have extra coconut milk put in it, or can store for longer than traditional cookies. While they will obviously taste best when fresh, the ability to store food for much longer can also help you with your grocery budget as well.

If you are stuck for ideas, there are always bakeries that specialize in cruelty free goods that will have tried and true combinations. However, they are usually much more likely to try out of this world combinations, so it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed by their choices as well. Not everyone thinks about putting beets or carrots into baked goods on the first try.

Another resource for figuring out new recipes is going to be online forums or friends in your day to day life. A simple search will bring up a number of groups who can recommend the best cook books, combinations, and even websites for amazing vegan cookie recipes. This takes all the guess work out of your baking adventure, and lets you enjoy your life.

Overall, taking the time to make something vegan will not only improve your life, but will also improve the life of many different animals. In addition, you can help improve the life of your friends, and help them learn more about the way that they treat the world around them. So share your best recipes, don’t be afraid to experiment a little, and enjoy the happiness that comes from knowing each bite is simple, clean, and free from cruelty.

Delicious Vegan Biscuits

How Can You Make Delicious Vegan Biscuits?

When you are serving soup for dinner, nothing goes better with it than a plate of delicious biscuits fresh from the oven. However, most biscuit recipes involve the use of plenty of buttermilk, butter, or other dairy products. Is there a way to make vegan biscuits that taste just as good as these classics?

The good news is that a few simple substitutions let you create fluffy, delicious biscuits that do not require the use of any animal products. While it may take a little trial and error to come up with the perfect recipe, before long, you will be able to bake great-tasting biscuits that will fool even the most traditional of guests.

One of the first things that you will need to find a substitute for is butter. Many traditional biscuit recipes involve the use of quite a bit of butter. You need to be able to find a non-dairy alternative that will still give your biscuits that rich, buttery flavor that so many people love.

Doing so is not as difficult as you might have feared, however. There are plenty of non-dairy alternatives that can often be substituted for butter in the recipe. For example, some kind of vegetable shortening, such as margarine, can easily be used in place of butter.

You can also just use canola oil or some other type of vegetable oil. However, it is a good idea to use some shortening as well, rather than just oil. This way, the biscuits will be as fluffy as possible when they come out of the oven.

There are also some fruits and vegetables that can be used as partial substitutes in biscuit recipes. For example, applesauce is often used as a substitute for oil or butter in vegan recipes. However, because it is rather sweet, using it in a biscuit recipe may not be to everyone’s taste.

The same holds true for prunes or sweet potatoes. By roasting and mashing a sweet potato, you can bake delicious biscuits that are a rich orange in color. They may not be entirely traditional, but they certainly taste good.

If you make buttermilk biscuits, you will also have to find a substitute for this ingredient. Finding a way to get that tangy, sour flavor can be challenging. One simple approach is to use vinegar or lemon juice to curdle your favorite non-dairy milk.

For example, take a cup of soy or almond milk and add a tablespoon or two of vinegar or some other acid. Let it sit overnight, and in the morning, the acid will have curdled the milk. This makes a good non-dairy substitute for buttermilk. You can also use some type of vegan yogurt that has been cultured by mixing it with non-dairy milk.

As you can see, making a delicious batch of vegan biscuits does not have to be as difficult as you fear. Give these substitutes a try to see how well they work for you. Before long, you will have the perfect recipe!